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Find out in our lookbook Spring-Summer 2022, the key pieces of our new wardrobe: a collection rich in color and prints. Get inspired... 


Spring-Summer 2024 Collection


Symbol of Moorish Andalusia 700 years ago, the Alhambra embodies the fusion of cultures, at the junction of the West and the East.
The gardens that extend into this dazzling architectural structure, described as a “poem in chiseled stone,” inspired us.
We borrowed its color codes: the green of the cypresses, the blue of the water and the white of the light reflected there. The motifs are reminiscent of patios, labyrinths, moucharabiehs, as well as mosaic ornaments and alabaster colonnades.


Our trip to Africa this summer will be truly graphic! Our choice of distinctive elements (prints, jacquards and special dyes) is inspired by the rigor of their creations, the brilliance of their colors and their surprising combinations.
One of our inspirations? The Ndebele women of South Africa, from the South African people, who are distinguished by their omnipresent visual creativity.
Their bold compositions are displayed on a variety of media, such as masonry enclosures, beaded ornaments, fabrics and shawls of ritual costumes.


In 1969, George Harrison composed "Here Comes the Sun" to escape the pressure of the Beatles' success, fleeing to California.
This song expresses freedom, “peace and love” on the Californian beach, like the Beach Boys.
Our color range evokes oceanic freshness and 60s denim.


Before being a cocktail, it was a cry for freedom launched by an American soldier in a bar in Havana to celebrate the independence of the island in 1900, at the end of the war against Spain.
It's a party to the sound of Caribbean rhythms, the bright colors of Cuban women's ruffled dresses, and fireworks illuminating the streets of old Havana with its elegant facades.
Functional khaki, reminiscent of Che Guevara's uniform, pairs harmoniously with finely crocheted dresses.
The Guayabera, this iconic Cuban shirt, is revisited with English embroidery, similar to that which decorates traditional outfits. A cigar, a Daïquiri, and the party begins!


Head to the heavenly beaches of Bali, from Uluwatu to Padang, Padang Beach...
Our designs are inspired by the rich textile craftsmanship of the archipelago: batik, ikat, tie-dye, as well as the colorful patterns of sarongs.
Our graphic designers drew their inspiration from the Balinese landscapes, populated by phoenixes, elephants, palm trees and temples. The range reflects the deep greens of the mangrove forests, the ochres of the carved wood of the temples, the warm hues of the island flowers, and of course, the indigo blues.
Ready for the Balinese adventure?