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Ethical and responsible fashion

Our engagement

Since its inception, La Fée Maraboutée has chosen to trust local know-how with a predominantly European production.
(France, Italy, Portugal ...).

In an approach that is as close as possible to its values, La Fée Maraboutée favors the choice of eco-responsible materials in its collections in order to offer clothing that is more respectful of the environment. The challenges of tomorrow are being prepared today, and we know how central sustainable fashion is.

Our eco-responsible selection

Denim écoresponsable

A daily water consumption reduced by an average of 60% through the use of ozone-based technology for bleaching denim instead of using chemicals that require heavy washing of clothes and create chemical waste. The use of water is optimized with the collection of rainwater up to 90 tons.

The use of pumice stones has been eliminated from the manufacturing process, they have been replaced by eco-friendly stones which reduce the environmental impact of denim.
Energy savings of up to 75% are thus achieved thanks to these steps and also thanks to laser technology.

Added to this is the use of 100% cotton

Discover our eco-responsible denim selection

100% organic cotton

Made from 100% organic cotton grown without chemical products or fertilizers, GMO-free and respectful of the environment. The water and energy resources have been optimized during the manufacturing process in order to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

the recycled cotton also helps reduce its ecological footprint. Recycling saves natural resources by enhancing the waste reprocessing while retaining its qualities: softness and comfort.

Discover our 100% organic cotton selection

Linen: a natural material

This natural material is one of the most ecological fibers. Its cultivation does not require irrigation, uses very few chemical inputs and does not produce waste. It's a local fiber mainly cultivated in Western Europe. Irregularities in dyeing and weaving are a peculiarity and not a fault.

The label Lin European Flax® guarantees an exclusively European production and a agriculture locale respectful of the environment. He undertakes not to irrigate, not to use GMOs and not to produce waste.

Eco-friendly viscose

Issue de sustainably managed forests, responsible viscose generates fewer CO2 emissions and lower water consumption than traditional viscose. Finally, the viscose ECOVERO™️ generates 50% less CO2 emissions and 50% less water consumption than traditional viscose.

Discover our eco-responsible viscose selection

To add Realgrade Leather®

Certified leather Realgrade Leather® respects a sustainable process by using exclusively skins from the food industry. This manufacturing process thus makes it possible to enhance this unused raw material and reduce the amount of waste to contribute to a healthier environment.

New life

Find all the eco-responsible products thanks to their "Un nouveau souffle" label on the site and in the store.

Our eco-responsible selection