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Our story

Born in France, made in Europe

Because she is marabouté, La Fée is neither conventional nor predictable. His vision of fashion is unique, timeless and original. La Fée Maraboutée cares about the environment and advocates ethical values for the creation and creation of our collections. Discover us ...


La Fée Maraboutée was established in 1996 in Roanne, the home of the French textile industry. Under the artistic direction of its founder, Jean-Pierre Braillard, the brand has maintained its uniqueness for almost 20 years in the place where it was established. Attached to its roots, La Fée Maraboutée is proud of its values. With humility, it creates, innovates and contributes to the promotion of eternal femininity, using original concepts that set the brand apart.

La Fée is, above all, a vision. Breaking with the uniformity typical of many other fashion chains, La Fée Maraboutée has managed to keep its original vision, while renewing itself continuously. With each new collection, it surprises its customers, while staying faithful to its values of femininity, elegance and good taste.


Like a good fairy, the brand manages to match clothing with its customers' eclectic personalities, waving its magic wand over the collections, creating an abundance of style choices. La Fée Maraboutée offers an enduring wardrobe which is complemented over the seasons and years. The brand creates timeless collections with influences and contrasts, an irreverent mix of eras, volumes and materials. The collections are devised for each moment in a woman's life, creating a complete wardrobe.


An iconic piece in a woman's wardrobe, the dress is at the heart of all our collections. Printed or plain, short or long, loose or belted, with or without a plunging neckline, La Fée offers a diverse range of dresses for every occasion.

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Plain, variegated, printed, jacquard weave, each season brings new looks for snuggling or relaxing, or offers urban and smart styles. La Fée shapes the knitwear in all the collections, using the softest and most natural materials, such as cotton, linen, viscose, wool, cashmere and angora. Each piece is a testimony to the quest for quality and the particular care given to the finish.

The brand displays its current style proudly, without slavishly following fashion. It plays with fashion, continuously moving beyond the latest trends. Soft, natural, pleasant materials, precise and harmonious colourways, refined finishes and details, all give La Fée its unique character. La Fée Maraboutée is about the art of playing with trends and timeless symbols of femininity. The brand goes beyond fashion, bringing magic to the creations. It also has the capacity to create an intuitive link with women. Women recognise the authenticity and freedom that differentiates it from artificial brands, it inspires a relationship.

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To perfect the story, La Fée Maraboutée manufactures 95% of their style in Europe (85% in Italy and 10% in Portugal). Europe represents our culture, our roots, we are proud of it. In a quest for quality, ethics and responsibility, La Fée Maraboutée has chosen to trust local skills, long-term partners, known for their sense of detail and finishing. This relationship of trust ensures long-term effectiveness and expertise. Beautiful materials and careful work make La Fée an authentic and responsible brand. But it is not just common sense alone, the future is about the human side as well.


The personalised boutiques are decorated using a mixture of styles, depending on the towns and areas in which they are located. So comfortable, so welcoming, so unique... Decorated with care, using a joyous, random mix of objects, travel souvenirs, heirloom furniture or industrial details. Intimate, warm interiors where the collections naturally find their place. "Apartment/boutiques", where it is a pleasure to spend time satisfying curiosity, strolling around as if you were in your own lounge and trying on clothes as though you were in your own dressing room. With each boutique decorated differently, each provides a new experience. As territories for expression, these magical spots are the reflection of the uniqueness of the brand.A difference that asserts itself, is evident and is accessible.


A bond between sales assistant and customer ensures that the customer feels truly at home... Welcoming, advising, guiding, following the brand's values. It is an inspired relationship...

La Fée Maraboutée customers are as eclectic as the collections. Capable of choosing the best from among different and varied offers, capable of discerning authenticity through their education, culture, intelligence. Gifted with independence and reason, the La Fée woman is free, independent and sensual. She takes responsibility for her own tastes, composes her own style and is playful with her wardrobe, with a focus on well-being, elegance and natural style. The La Fée woman feels good about herself and that's obvious!