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Our inspirations

La Fée Maraboutée invites you to travel ...

Winter Sun

The « Tokyo Parrots » by Japanese photographer Yoshinori Mitsutani that stand out against the sunny winter sky inspired our print Sunflower on steel blue background. The yellow of the autumn sun melts the ice blues ... the print Indian Sun blows an east wind there.

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Muse Nomade

For its new collection, La Fée Maraboutée imagined a nomadic, feminine, adventurous and poetic Muse around the Bandana print. Discover this new print in spicy colors, designed from a fabric 100% recycled polyester and made in Italy.

Discover the Bandana print


At the foot of Brooklyn Bridge and on the Edge of the East River, Dumbo Market is Alibaba’s 21st century cave. Discover the Nigel geometric print, evoking a view of the sky over the Manhattan skyscrapers, such as the graphic designer Nigel Peake represents them. Or the XXL Nolita floral print, on pieces to wear separately or as a total look!

Discover our Nigel print

Winter Garden

The Garden of Wonders… Giant flowers installed by Petrit Halilaj to Crystal Palace in Madrid. Nature and creation merge there, as in the 19th century. Discover the botanical prints exclusive, punctuated with tangy pink touches, which make us travel between dream and reality.

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Into the Wild

La Fée Maraboutée takes you to a graphic and colorful universe. Discover the Flamboyant print, on a Moroccan crepe in viscose ecovero™ and an exclusive Intarsia pattern from a knitting technique used to create multi-colored patterns, made in italy.

Discover a graphic and colorful universe

Kilim Archive

Kilims, these rugs originating in the Near East which transcribe a symbolic vocabulary linked to the history and beliefs of the peoples from which they come, have inspired us with shimmering prints in warm tones, made from eco-responsible materials.

Discover prints in warm tones


The Chinese province of Yunnan, with its rice terraces, its steep mountains, its parfum d'Osmanthus and its deeply magical forests inspired us to print "Yunnan" with its majestic herons whose coppery plumage that stands out from the petroleum green vegetation, printed on a viscose silk veil.

Discover our new getaway in Asia

Gispy Times

Discover new inspirations. Find a jacquard suit and a wool blend sweater with its floral embroidery exclusive, and pieces in viscose ottoman ecovero™.

Discover new inspirations


The climb to the Forbidden City, on the road to Lhassa, to meet Buddhist monks draped in golden yellow like the roofs of temples and spicy red, symbol of warmth, well-being and wisdom... A new journey through our Patchwork and Batang prints.

Discover our Patchwork and Batang prints

Ice Flower

Discover our exclusive and eco-responsible prints which gently announce the first notes of winter.

Discover the Paisley and Ice Flower prints


Printouts fromfloral inspiration, which take us into a graphic whirlwind, nuanced by meshes that are declined in a shades of roses.

Discover our Floral and Arabesque Patch prints

The star of Sichuan

The mists, which bathe the landscape in a blue light, have inspired our color palette. The exclusive print " Blue Eye "As well as the print" Lhasa "With watercolor patterns, are a nod to stars who must have guided the adventurer Alexandra David Neel on her travels and explorations in Tibet, land of eternal snow.

Discover our Lhassa and Blue Eye prints