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Escapees La Fée Maraboutée

La Fée travels, she brings back from her trips these colors and these prints that she loves so much. In the age of minimalism and plain colors, she has chosen to prefer colors and prints that tell a thousand stories. and she brings back in her suitcase, all these little bits of elsewhere which then make her so beautiful. We hope you will enjoy following this new adventure with us ...

By Malick

The work of Malian photographer Malick Sidibé, who lived in Bamako, inspired this theme as well as the following. These Bamako portraits and “street looks” made in the 1970s after Mali's independence bear witness to a silhouette of non-chalante elegance, playing with the codes of Western tailoring twisted with African fabrics and black graphics. and white passed by the sun. Another great inspiration: Solange Knowles, the Clip "Losing you which takes up this same joyfully mixed sensibility" with African tailorshops ... A swing and vitamin tailoring with sunny and optimistic colors.

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A Riviera wind blows over “Portofino” and “Antibes”: Here in Portofino in an Italian Dolce Vita atmosphere: “rice grain” peas, mini-Indian “Portofino” (drawings from an archive, specially acquired in a collection of antique fabrics) "Dolce Vita" or postcard - and "Hollywood" swing with a view of the azure sea - The structured Portofino stripe, turquoise like the Adriatic, punctuates the fluid femininity of the printed dresses.

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In Mexico, the city of Guanajuato is renowned for its unique look: walls in warm tones inspired us sublime mismatch floral and Wax prints. Guanajuato is like freedom that carries and transports you to the sunny days.

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The questioning of the origins of a Western culture, the history of its myths, its values is a sign of a period of future questioning. The Villa of the Duke of Farnese built in Rome in the 16th century is a hymn to nature and the Renaissance Greek mythology. It also bears witness to an Italian art of living. Historical quotes, floral paisleys, guipures, keychain embroidery - faded denim balances subtlety.

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Indigo Jungle

This theme plunges us into the representations of the photographer Cassio Vasconcellos (exhibition "The Trees", Cartier Foundation), which are inspired by the renditions of 19th century European travelers and botanists facing the mystery of the exuberance of the great tropical forests of Brazil. The indigo plant, the indigo tree with pink flowers, the associations of black and indigo and a wine lees defined the color range. The "ombrées polka dots" print alludes to light and shadow designs and ancestral printing techniques whose beauty lies in the simplicity of the means. Openwork embroidery, blue thread ladders on canvas and black poplin (organic cotton).

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Rio de Janeiro

This large Brazilian city close to the sea marks us with its colorful streets. The meadow green defies the flaming pomegranate, the ethnic pieces combine with high-waisted pants, belted at the waist highlight the silhouette.

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Silk Road

Tie & dye, a traditional technique from southern China, is a cultural heritage. Our trip in the village of Zhoucheng showed us this ancestral technique and gave us the idea for our Summer collection prints.

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Les murs ocres de Ouarzazate, au bord du Sahara et au pied de l’Atlas , entre Afrique du Nord et Afrique subsaharienne – des motifs tribaux , les tons des tempêtes de sable, les pierres colorés par le soleil écrasant … Les jeux d’ombres et de lumières qui animent les matières naturelles dont le lin, chanvre, coton, tencel un matière écologique obtenues à partir de fibres de bois d’eucalyptus, transformées de manière contrôlée avec des énergies renouvelables. Dans les rues de Marrakesh – ville rose du Maroc. Dessins de Moucharrabieh et de zelliges jacquards graphiques, broderies fines comme les portes sculptées de la Médina - atmosphère de Riads et palmeraies.

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Between East and West between Indian culture and Portuguese history, Tropical port at the edge of the lush vegetation of the Pacific Ocean the hinterland. Inspiration from the ancient kingdom of King Bîjâpur is the originator of the print "Kingdom", printed on a cotton patterned with small checks. print "Knotdye", called according to the local technique of "Tied and dyed" gives rise to large dresses long and vaporous in midsummer. Linen is available in raspberry pink.

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A scent of India, an atmosphere at the crossroads eras and cultures. The so-called "Indian" fabric was one of the values most coveted merchants in the 17th / 18th century and has largely influenced fashions in the West . Our worked “Grande Indienne” print from an old archive, is the starting point of a range of colors where the linens in tints saturated alongside the luminous whites of the sails lightweight organic cotton with embroidery fine.

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