Fall-Winter 2021 collection

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Travel book

Escapees La Fée Maraboutée

La Fée travels, she brings back from her trips these colors and these prints that she loves so much. In the age of minimalism and plain colors, she has chosen to prefer colors and prints that tell a thousand stories. and she brings back in her suitcase, all these little bits of elsewhere which then make her so beautiful. We hope you will enjoy following this new adventure with us ...

Nomad Muse

A nomadic and poetic Muse ventures towards the forbidden capital of Tibet in the last century. The Buddhist monks have inspired us with a spicy range, the scarves are available in prints for long vaporous dresses and long knitted vests protect from the first autumn clouds.

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Winter sun

The "Tokyo Parrots" by Japanese photographer Yoshinori
Mitsutani standing out against the sunny winter sky inspired our print Sunflower on steel blue background. The yellow of the autumn sun melts the ice blues ... the print Indian Sun blows an east wind there.

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At the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and on the edge of the East River, Dumbo Market is Alibaba’s 21st century cave. The Nigel geometric print is a view from the sky over Manhattan's skyscrapers. The maxi trench coat brings us back to New York reality!

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Winter Garden

The Jardin des Merveilles, in the land of Alice ... Botanical prints, tangy roses, games of scales between dream and reality: black and khaki punctuate the gourmet vegetation.

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Getaway to China in the Chinese province of Yunnan, to discover the rice terraces, the steep mountains, its scent of osmanthus and its forests. The "Saigon" print inspired by majestic herons printed on a viscose silk veil pairs well with organic cotton keyring blouses.

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Into the wild

Total communion with nature: the unexpected, the unknown, self-reflection ... Discover the Flamboyant print printed on a Moroccan crepe in eco-friendly viscose. The Rose Muscat, a protected species, is at the origin of a finely crafted print, Indian style, with fluid and feminine shapes, repeated in embroidery on a woolen sweater certified RWS (responsible wool standard)

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Gipsy Times

A captivating party, where magic and madness intermingle with the sounds of the balalaikas. Inspired by festive and colorful folklore, the "Djamilah" print and the "Gipsy Flower" recycled polyester crepe are reminiscent of the reflections of flames in the water. Ederlezi, the gypsy party where nature is brought back to life, the night when our wishes will be fulfilled ...

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The gypsy party continues! The flowers are available in two prints and combine like a patchwork garment. The kaleidscope print is inspired by lithography, the fluid viscose satin with fine lace insertions and pointillist arabesques take us into the whirlwind of gypsy dances.

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The climb to the Forbidden City, on the road to Lhassa, to meet Buddhist monks draped in golden yellow like the roofs of temples and spicy red, a symbol of warmth, well-being and wisdom ... Our print " Lotus flowers' represents the walls of the richly adorned temples.

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Ice Flower

Mid-winter theme with blue accords where wool coats warm up the "Blue Eye" print in viscose silk veil, with ikate ice crystals. A flower trapped in a block of ice inspires these geometric patterns.

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