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Indigo Jungle

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This theme plunges us into the representations of photographer Cassio Vasconcellos (exhibition "The Trees", Fondation Cartier), which are inspired by renditions of 19th century European travelers and botanists, attracted by the mystery of the exuberance of the great tropical forests of Brazil. . The "Indigo Jungle" print is inspired by the tales of the Comte de Clarac, the jungle finely drawn like the silver point engravings and immersed in an indigo light. The indigo plant, the indigo tree with pink flowers, the associations of black and indigo and a wine lees defined the color range. Our pieces in white organic cotton with finely embroidered "Acanthis" patterns, take up the filigree of these botanical engravings. Openwork embroidery, blue thread ladders on canvas and black poplin (organic cotton).