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Rue de la Bascule 10
Anthem Gallery


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The art of feeling at home

Immerse yourself in the world of the marabout fairy, where each store is a story, an invitation to adventure. Our spaces, decorated with particular attention to cultural diversity and comfort, reflect the very essence of our brand: a mix of influences, memories, and creativity. In true alcoves of curiosity, our stores are transformed into scenes of life where each object has a story, each corner, a surprise. Real places of life, they await you to explore, try and live an extraordinary shopping experience, where each visit is a new page to write.

A French women's ready-to-wear brand founded in 1996.

The marabout fairy draws her creativity from a taste for travel, mixing cultures, and meeting people. It offers a style that crosses fashions by freeing itself from trends. It changes the way we look at clothing and bodies by promoting all body types. The brand honors all femininities and invites you to connect with the pleasure of feeling beautiful and good every day. Eclectic, generous, unexpected, its collections are available in natural and warm color palettes.
La fée maraboutée ensures that its ethical values ​​are respected in all stages of manufacturing in close collaboration with its manufacturing partners.